Amanda Tito – Actress

Any upcoming work on the horizon?
Yes indeed! Sin will be opening at the beginning of July. It’s a devised show by The Outfit Theatre Company and a couple of guests. It’s directed by the wonderful Sarah Graham with a helping hand from the fabulous Andrew Ford and Ema Barton. Come and see it for yourself and you will not be disappointed, it’s a lot of hard work by a lot of intelligent and playful people.

In your view, does working in the theatre industry pose any challenges for the rainbow community?
No… theatre is a great forum for any community to express themselves and the rainbow community is not exempt. I see talented performers, writers and directors all over the place. Just look at how well the very talented Sam Brooks is doing. I mention Sam mainly because I know the next time I see him he will playfully insult me and then have a wine and confess his love for me and we will then write an amazing show together, that probably won’t happen but a girl can dream… Sam?


You’ve been cast in a few great roles, has success come easy? Or not? Why?
I guess that all depends on a person’s definition of success. I am happy in my work, I love what I do and the fact that I get to do it is success for me.

Has acting been a life passion? Have you been drawn to other professions?
I’d say so, I have definitely tried a lot. I have worked in construction, reception, petrol stations, security, bars and I am currently working at a sweet little café in Herne bay called Zus and Zo. I’d say I’m a sucker for different experiences and meeting different types of people but my passion lies in acting.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In space collecting moon rocks and crystals or on a pirate ship on a great quest.

How have you active within the GLBTI community?
I worked with some lovely people on a Rainbow Theatre extravaganza earlier this year which was a hoot, it was held at The Basement and was a great success. Yay team.

Who would you: F**k, Marry, Kill?
Ellen Page, Tilda Swinton, Katherine Moennig (Shane from the L Word). I would gladly shoot films with all three – I am aware that’s not what you have asked me – but I’m afraid I have eyes for only one and she is not on this list so sorry to be a bore, but all others fade in comparison!

Which community groups would you like to give a shout-out too?
Shout out to Rainbow Youth and Same Difference in Dunedin… if you are still running I hope you are, we had some great times. A general shout out to all the people who do great things for other people in all walks of life and in all communities, thanks for being a good person.

 Photo | Jessie McCall.