Phylesha Brown-Acton Responds To Michael Hootman’s Opinion


express got in touch with Phylesha Brown-Acton to ask her opinion on Michael Hootman’s article Can the LGB’s Really Understand the Ts?

If divorcing the “T” from LGBQI is being contemplated then what a sad day for NZ transsexual or transgender people’s.  Let’s not forget the investment of activism by Trans peoples alongside LGBQI peoples during civil rights movements in this country, how soon we forget the battles we have all fought in solidarity.

LGBTQI people’s are not heterosexual or cis-gendered lets make no mistake about that, mimicking heterosexual lifestyles, privilege or attitudes are at the detriment of our LGBTQI communities wellbeing and is a contributing factor to excluding the issues that impact heavily on trans peoples lives.


Where is the compassion and solidarity among ourselves towards people in our own LGBTQI communities? This privilege and ignorance needs to addressed! it’s what disconnects our community from caring for each other or coming together as one.

Let us not forget also that Intersex people’s are completely missed out in this article and are another marginalised group many in our community know nothing about and whom are often left out of the LGBTQ acronym, they do exist and are apart of our community.

Phylesha Brown-Acton.