Williams returns home after standing down from Mr Gay World competition and responds to personal attacks from users of a local Facebook group.

Mr Gay New Zealand Troy Williams has returned home after pulling out of 2014 Mr Gay World competition, complaining of a lack of organization within the competition, while Italian organisers have accused him of being ‘drunk’ and ‘disorderly’ at the proceedings in Rome.

While Williams has received support from the Mr Gay NZ organiser and former Mr Gay World, Andreas Derleth, others have not been so forthcoming.“It can be very hard and lonely at the top.


Critics are often harsh and under the belt line instead of offering constructive feedback and help,” Derleth told express, highlighting the Facebook group, ‘Partially Stamped St Pierre’s Sushi Loyalty Card for Mr Gay New Zealand.’ The group’s page encourages users to give their opinions on the Mr Gay competitions and it’s contestants.

A quick scroll of it finds two users labelling Williams, a ‘cunt’, with fired up statements like, “he failed at his job. He was supposed to represent the gay community; all he did was take his shirt off in clubs. He is a lazy cunt and that he might also be a drunk lazy cunt, isn’t a step too far (sic).”

“I have been shown the comments raised by this group at various points,” Williams tells express. “To begin with it was a bit of a shock and I took it personally. However, I think it would be a waste of energy to give too much concern to it, particularly given most of the comments seem misdirected.”

He notes the comment about always be found shirtless in nightclubs, “which I don’t think I’ve ever done,” he says, adding, “obviously there are those that seem disposed to criticism and others who are keen to make a positive difference.

It’s those people in the latter group whose opinion matters to me and with whom I’m keen to work with make our community a great place to be a part of.”

Article | gayexpress. Photo | Jared Mapp