MKR’s Christchurch Cuties


They’re the hottest couple of TV’s hottest local show My Kitchen Rules! express caught up with Ricki to find out about their experience on the show.

Where did the two of you first meet?

Working in Timaru.


What made you want to do MKR?

Jessie was really keen to do it as she’s a huge fan, she couldn’t find anyone else to apply with apart from me!

Is it what you might have expected it to be?

We didn’t really know what to expect, it was definitely a lot harder than we expected. We didn’t expect making such close friends either.

What response have you had since being on the show?

It’s been pretty cool, Jessie works in a café so she gets heaps of customers coming in just to see her. There’s the odd opinionated person on social media but the amount of great people outweigh them.

How open have you and the show been about the two of you being a couple?Has it at all been an issue or problem?

It hasn’t been a problem at all. It’s not really something we make a deal about since it’s not a big deal.

You’ve been called the ‘Christchurch Cuties” did you come up with that or did the MKR producers?

The producers came up with it… it’s had mixed responses but I guess it’s better than something cheesy like “loved up couple” – LOL! Don’t forget to vote for us for Viewers’ Choice each episode at

My Kitchen Rules screens on TV One at 7.30pm on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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