Acclaimed performer Mika Haka has dumped Auckland Pride over the removal of Treaty of Waitangi references from the festival’s deed.

Mika Haka last week cut off ties with Auckland Pride after the festival removed reference to the Treaty of Waitangi in it’s deed.

The singer returned from LA where he performed at the LA Pride Festival and attended parties with Taylor Swift, to cut ties with Auckland Pride over the festival’s removal of any Treaty of Waitangi references.


Speaking to express, Mika says his foundation will not work with any event that does not encompass the treaty.

“I don’t know who took it out, [the treaty reference] why would you take it out? This is just ridiculous.”

Mika says that he tried to make contact to discuss the issue but had not heard back. “I have tried to ring Pride to have a nice conversation and they haven’t got back to me”

It it understood that while Auckland Pride has now reinserted Treaty of Waitangi references into the deed within the last two days, it does not guarantee Mika will return to performing at the festival.

“The door’s not closed, it’s just not open at the moment” Mika says.

  Article | Levi Joule.