Health 2000’s Stu Cook examines what can go wrong with our eyes and how do we stop it or at least slow it down.

There are many problems we can have with our eyes, from simple clarity that can be fixed with glasses, contacts or laser surgery, through to glaucoma, detached retinas or even blindness, which may not be able to be cured. Frighteningly the cause of these scary eye health problems can stem from diabetes, strokes and high blood pressure, through to trauma, reactions to medications and chemicals. Ultimately what we want to know though, is how do we look after our eyes?

In this day and age eating your carrots isn’t going to cut it. They do provide some beta-carotene which the body uses to make Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps the eye convert light into understandable waves, plus it helps support the cornea, the clear part at the front of the eye. However, the amount of carrots you would need to consume would not really be helpful and may lead to other issues. So, what can we do that will help?


Eat correctly: cut the crap. Sugar can lead to obesity, obesity can lead to diabetes, and diabetes can lead to blindness – scary! Stick to green, leafy veges, oily fish, eggs, beans and other non-meat protein sources. Citrus fruits can also add some protection.

Quit smoking: not just to save your life. Smoking can lead to a higher prevalence of cataracts and optic nerve damage. There are so many reasons to quit, and so many products to help. Going blind is just another reason to stop!

Wear sunglasses: U’Ve been warned! Ensure that the sunglasses have UV protection, they don’t have to be expensive but they do need to block the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Look away from the computer: don’t work too hard. Staring at anything or anyone can get you into trouble, but staring at a computer screen for too long can lead to many eye health issues. Eye strain, blurry vision, dry eyes, the list goes on. Rest your eyes frequently when working at the computer.

Supplement: tablets aren’t just for playing on. Your vision requires a lot of nutrient care, ensuring you have good levels of Vitamin C and E, beta-carotene, Zinc, Zeaxanthin, selenium and lutein will help to ensure you’re giving your eyes the best chance of maintaining their health. Essential fatty acids from fish oils will also provide some help in protecting the eyes.

All in all, looking after your eye health is just as important as going to the gym. So rather than just giving your eyes a work out looking up and down whilst at the gym or club ensure you are giving them all they need to be able to check out the hotties for years to come.

Article | Stu Cook.