This month we are taking a close look at the bane of some men’s lives, and an ailment that younger people believe will never happen to them, Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 

The problem with this particular health issue is that men don’t talk about it in the hope that the problem will just go away. It can lead to frustration as well as a feeling of fragility and distrust between couples.

The thing to remember is that not all ED is the same; there are those times it can happen on a short term basis, and times that have a much longer term effect. Each of these have different causes and in many cases different solutions.


From a natural perspective there are a number of factors to consider when looking at ED: nutrition, stress, exercise and mentality. Our bodies are amazing machines, and taking one key aspect out of sync with the others can cause problems we aren’t expecting. Let’s look at why they are important with dealing with ED.

Nutrition – Low nutritional diets can wreck havoc on the balance of the body. Out of balance bodies don’t perform as they should. Think about what you are consuming and aim to bring back a nutritional balance, wholefoods, good levels of proteins and limit or remove as much refined sugar as possible.

Stress – Time and time again it has been shown that stress causes so many issues within the body. From work stress, to money problems, to home life and performance anxiety, it takes its toll and can make ED an ongoing problem. Take time for yourself every single day. Even if it is just half an hour before bed. Introduce meditation into your routine and support your adrenals – they will be performing overtime!

Exercise – You know my favourite saying is from Legally Blonde, ‘exercise produces endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people… don’t kill their husbands!’ The benefits of exercise have been proven time and time again. So get up and move and experience the difference. You might be surprised that after a few weeks of getting the blood pumping ED becomes less of a problem.

Mentality – Our brains are powerful tools. Like super computers, they are constantly performing calculations and making decisions. But what happens when wires get crossed, or a virus gets into the super computer? There are times when there is so much going on in our brains we need to get a little outside help to make sense – a confidante, your partner, or someone in a professional field. Sorting through a cluttered mind can help to bring back that balance we have been talking about and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

All in all Erectile Dysfunction can be a serious matter depending on the circumstances, the main thing to know is that there are options out there to help! Although small lifestyle changes can often remedy ED, if they don’t work for you it is always best to speak to a health professional, either a naturopath or a doctor, to help along the way.