A new express underway

pen on paper

This will be one of very few posts that I will write personally as the digital editor. For those of you express devotees out there, you will have noticed that I have taken over as digital editor, and will be overseeing the content on this website. As such, I’m bringing about a few changes to make express more relevant to you, our beloved readers.

Firstly, we are now going to use LGBT+ as the chosen acronym, for both the digital and published editions. We felt the previous GLBT was outdated and also didn’t reflect the current times, where LGBT is more commonly used. In addition to this, we understand that LGBT is only four letters, but to extend it to LGBTQIA is a rather large block of text, so we hope by using the ‘+’ sign, that we manage to include all those who fall under our rainbow umbrella.

Our news articles will no longer have author credit unless if there is a substantial reason for it – such as exclusives, or in-depth interviews. This is to make it easier for you to look at those gutsy articles by the authors you love.


And finally, we are going to try to expand our scope to cover more of the community. Being LGBT+ these days is no longer all about your sexuality or gender identity; we want express to be a place where you can come and learn about all sorts of things, including academic queer theory to the treatment of LGBT+ in high schools. If you think you want to contribute something, whether it be a one-off or a monthly column, send me an email at coeditor@gayexpress.co.nz.

I know I said that was the last point, but one more quick thing: we’ll be trying to cover more LGBT+ events with our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), so please keep us updated on your own amazing projects!