Auckland Forum to Address Violence Against LGBT+


This weekend’s Rise Up for LGBTQI+ Forum hopes to provide a constructive and peaceful discussion regarding the increasing violence faced by many LGBT+ communities around the world.

“Two weeks ago a group in the US marched from Stonewall to Trump Tower and raised money for people fleeing from Russia to save their lives. They were led by activist Adam Eli and RUSA LGBT and that was sort of a major inspiration for me for this forum.”  says organiser Aatir Zaidi.

“I don’t think there is a specific Russian or humanitarian LGBT+ organisation in Auckland. I was thrilled to see so many people coming out to march in the US and it sort of made me realise that it is not only Russia, but there are attacks on us worldwide.”

They say while the forum will focus on both national and international issues, there is a great deal of ignorance and lack of information about international issues that they’d like to address.


“If you feel angry and helpless looking at the series of attacks on LGBTQI+ community then come and have a discussion, share your anger and remember if they mess with any of us anywhere in the world they mess with all of us.”

4pm, Sunday 12 November, New Zealand AIDS Foundation, Auckland.