Hottie: Andrea Orani

Andrea grew up in Grey Lynn, ‘surrounded by my culture and diversity’. She is a DJ who plays the Tuesday drive time slot on Base FM and recently took over the decks on weekends at K road’s Shanghai Lil’s, a bar that is traditionally known for its live jazz. “The most intimidating thing for me was how to go about transitioning the sound from the live band to my set,” she tells express. Explaining she concocted an antidote of, “soul, disco, funk tunes with some house mixed in there so we have fun!”
Some nights at Shanghai Lil’s can get pretty wild. On Andrea’s favourite night so far she arrived at 11 pm to find, “everyone was already really turned up! It was just straight 120bpm… it was packed out, people were giving me champagne… you could feel the energy from a mile away and everyone boogied till 3am!”