Vocus Group is a trans-Tasman telecommunications company which operates a range of brands in New Zealand, including Vocus Communications and internet providers Orcon and Slingshot. Vocus’ has more than 700 staff, mainly based in their central Auckland and Takapuna offices, but also in Wellington and Christchurch. The company strives to puts its customers at the heart of everything it does, and push the boundaries of quality, service, and value. 

Vocus has a diverse workforce that represents the customers and society we live in, and as an organisation believe that this is critical to their success. One of Vocus’ key company values is ‘our people are the difference.’ A value that empowers an inclusive workplace with a diverse workforce that genuinely challenges the market by allowing people to be themselves with a no dress code policy and flexible working times.


Wayne Anderson is the Head of Programme Management for Consumer Brands and has worked at Vocus for 15 years. “My sexuality has been very easy here,” he tells us, comparing his workplace and colleagues to a family. “Many of my colleagues, managers and even the group CEO (who I rent my house from) have met my long-term boyfriend at social events and are on a first name basis with him – it feels totally natural – I don’t even think about it on a day to day basis.” 

Sandra Poisson-Pereira is a Senior Product Manager who has been with Vocus since 2016 when she emigrated to New Zealand with her family. “Moving to New Zealand with my wife and 8-year-old son has been a game changer for me, and stressful, as you can imagine,” she confides, highlighting her need for a workplace that could reduce her stress, not add to it. “Working for Vocus, where people work hard, but also have some fun and laughs has been the best medicine to help me settle into the country. Vocus has a great outlook on work and family life balance which has made a huge difference especially when we have no family support structure. It’s a relaxed, welcoming, accepting environment where you can still be stretched to reach your working potential and ultimately achieve your career aspirations.”

Michael Fitzpatrick is a Digital Campaign Manager who is enjoying his second year at Vocus. For Michael, his employer’s passions need to align with his own so he can truly strive to be the best in his field. At Vocus, he has found a business that fits him. “Vocus has a strong digital focus,” he explains. “I’m crazy about innovation and all things digital, so I enjoy working for a company who is striving to become a digital leader.”

Andrea Purificacion is Vocus’ Contact Centre Team Leader who started with the company in July 2017 and recommends her employer to anyone looking to get ahead in the telecommunications industry. “Vocus is a company that fully embraces diversity – no matter what background, culture, religion, gender or sexuality you have, there will always be a door of opportunity which will be opened to you,” she tells us. Recommending potential candidates who, “understand who you are and what you want. Recognize your own strengths and keep learning every day.”

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