Comedian and author Adam Kay claims he visited the sauna with the intention of cheating on his wife; says the rapist “thanked” him afterwards.

A British comedian has revealed that he was raped in a sauna while on a trip to New Zealand.

Adam Kay was in New Zealand for a medical conference, where the one-time doctor was set to perform a short stand-up comedy set. 


Kay said he thought the time away could be an opportunity to cheat on his wife with a man before returning to a heterosexual life, he writes in his new book Adam Kay’s Undoctored: The Story of a Medic Who Ran Out of Patients.

A sauna ‘sounded like probably the most appealing/least appalling option and the best chance of ­getting what I wanted pronto and incognito,’ he said. 

Despite believing that cheating was bad and that premeditated cheating was even worse in the “way that murder is worse than manslaughter” he concluded that a one-off would be fine

“I was going all the way to New Zealand to do it, so she couldn’t ­possibly find out or get hurt; it was considerate, even. It would only be this one time,” he said.

After giving a false name and entering the sauna, Kay says he was taken by a stranger into a room and raped. 

“A man in his 40s stood up, took my arm and wordlessly led me to a dimly lit cubicle, where he raped me,’ and then said ‘thanks’ afterwards Kay writes.

Kay said that his attempts to scream were futile and he knew he would not be heard “not by this man who didn’t want to hear and not by anyone else, thanks to the rhythmical pounding of the music.”

The rapist then said ‘thanks’ after the rape.

“Thanks. You don’t say thanks to someone you’ve just raped, do you? Was coming here in the first place my consent?” Kay wrote.

Kay declined to go to the police and told no one of the incident until retelling it in his new book.

“Maybe I was too ashamed,’ he writes.

“Or maybe I just knew from the moment it happened that I would never forget it: every minute, every second, etched into me in indelible ink, would be with me forever.”