The Greatest Love of All, starring Belinda Davids, is the most jaw-dropping tribute to the voice of Whitney Houston you will ever witness, and it returns to NZ in May and June. express chats with ‘the voice’ Belinda Davids.

Since touring NZ in 2018, Belinda Davids has been the acclaimed star of TV shows: Showtime at The Apollo, Britain’s Got Talent and Even Better Than the Real Thing (which she won).

The Greatest Love of All is a two-hour concert of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits, including I Wanna Dance With Somebody, I Will Always Love You and The Greatest Love of All.


Chatting with express, Belinda tells us that her favourite song to perform is Bodyguard Soundtrack ballad, I Have Nothing. “It’s not an easy song to do, but there is a key change in the song that gets me every time,” she tells us, highlighting her passion for her craft.

The Greatest Love of All features a two-hour setlist so vocally challenging that even Whitney herself never attempted to perform all of these songs in one night, so Belinda has to have a strict routine to prepare for it.

“There are some important things I have to follow, like not eating salty foods, nothing acidic, no caffeinated tea or coffee. I try to eat as clean as I can to perform at my best,” she says.

In a dramatic climax, The Greatest Love Of All builds spectacularly to an encore performance of I Will Always Love You, one of the biggest power ballads of all time.

“It’s very nerve-racking for me because if I don’t hit that last high note, the rest of the song doesn’t really matter,” Belinda tells us of this fierce finale that must be seen to be believed. “It’s such a big song, so it’s important for me to give it my all, especially after I have done 23 belters!”

If you love Whitney Houston – you’ll love The Greatest Love of All.

From Christchurch to Auckland and many centres in between, The Greatest Love of All tours New Zealand from 26 May to 16 June.

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