New Zealand’s prominent gay Olympic rower and thirst trap, Robbie Manson, opens up to YOUR EX about his decision to join the subscription site OnlyFans due to secure his financial future.

The openly gay Kiwi athlete, who publicly came out in 2014 and represented New Zealand in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, recently announced his move to the platform, telling YOUR EX, “I need to support myself financially whilst rowing. I saw potential in it because of my unique positioning, a gay athlete with a modest public profile. And it’s cheeky and fun, and I like that.”

Drawing inspiration from retired Australian diver Matthew Mitcham, who also joined the platform earlier this year, Robbie expressed admiration for Mitcham’s approach and success, noting that it motivated him to explore the potential of OnlyFans as a source of income, after a recent hiatus from rowing, that resulted in him experiencing a sudden loss of income.


Addressing his Instagram followers, Robbie clarified that he hasn’t embarked on a secret adult film career. Instead, he expressed his intention to share “artistic pictures that celebrate the human form in a tasteful and respectful manner.”

From the Olympics to OnlyFans
From the Olympics to OnlyFans: Robbie Manson – PHOTO: Instagram

Robbie, who is currently in training for the Paris 2024 Olympics, explained that being a professional athlete is a full-time commitment that pays less than what people might assume.

“I pursue this sport out of pure passion and consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to dedicate myself to it full-time. However, the reality is that the grant funding we receive falls below the minimum wage threshold, and we are still obligated to pay taxes on it. Living expenses can be overwhelming, especially when prioritising proper nutrition to fuel our performance,” Robbie tells YOUR EX.

“It’s not just about the present; it’s also about setting myself up for a secure future. After my previous retirement, I found myself with no savings and no immediate job prospects, which caused significant stress,” he adds.

While acknowledging OnlyFans’ reputation for sexually explicit content, Robbie clarified to YOUR EX his content focuses on artistic nude photography, with “No sexual content, which I’m sure will disappoint many of the gays 🤣”

Robbie adds that he has been pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction he has received and says he’s also open to doing Collabs (provided they stick to doing artistic nudes).