In a promising update for the queer community and comedy aficionados alike, Jennifer Saunders, the genius behind the beloved British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, has hinted at a new project closely linked to the series.

This exciting revelation occurred during a recent episode of the Titting About podcast, hosted by Saunders and her lifelong comedy partner, Dawn French.

French, known for challenging Saunders to meet her creative milestones, asked her, “What would you like to be forced to do?” In response, Saunders declared her intention to produce an initial draft of a project related to Absolutely Fabulous by the end of the year.


“I need to write a film or a series based on Ab Fab because everyone wants another Ab Fab movie,” Saunders said. However, she added that it wouldn’t be a direct continuation: “I can’t do that. I just don’t have a thing. I want to do something related.”

Fans will also be pleased to know that the legendary Joanna Lumley, who portrayed Patsy Stone in the original series, could potentially be involved in this upcoming endeavour. Saunders teased, “Possibly, including some Ab Fab-ness, but not totally Ab Fab.”

Absolutely Fabulous, which premiered in 1992, has been an enduring favourite in queer culture for its irreverent humour, poignant satire, and iconic characters. It enjoyed five seasons, numerous specials, and even a film adaptation in 2016.

Although the movie received mixed reviews, it was a box office hit, proving the lasting impact of characters Edina “Eddie” Monsoon and Patsy Stone. Saunders and Lumley later reunited for a BBC travel documentary in 2017, affirming that Eddie and Patsy continue to inspire new ideas and laughs between the pair.

With an official handshake, Saunders confirmed her commitment to drafting this new project by December 31, eliciting a jubilant “Alright, that’s a deal! A new Ab Fab product!” from Dawn French.

Eager fans, keep your eyes peeled and your champagne flutes at the ready—something fabulous this way comes.

French and Saunders: Titting About is currently streaming on Audible.