As Aotearoa gears up for its 2023 General Election, the political landscape appears to be more competitive than ever. A recent YOUR EX online poll has revealed intriguing statistics, showcasing a closely contested race for the beehive, with Labour, National, and the Greens all scooping up large portions of the LGBTQ+ vote.

Key Points

  • If the LGBTQ+ Community had its choice, Labour Would be back for a 3rd term

  • Winston Peters and New Zealand First would be back in Parliament

  • The Green Party would be nipping on the heals of both National and Labour

Labour Holds a Narrow Lead at 27%:

According to the YOUR EX poll, the Labour Party has secured a slight lead with 27% of support. While this is a respectable showing, it is noticeably lower than their 2020 election result of 50%, indicating that their popularity has declined.


National Party at 26% – A Close Second:

Right on the heels of the Labour Party is the National Party, polling at 26%, showing a resurgence for the National Party, which suffered a significant defeat in the previous election. The party appears to have gained ground in the LGBTQ+ community and is now poised to give Labour a run for its money.

Green Party Holds Strong at 21%:

The Green Party maintains a solid presence in the poll results with 21% support. Their consistent popularity reflects the importance of environmental and social issues in New Zealand politics and within the LGBTQ+ community. As a potential partner in a coalition government, the Greens may wield significant influence in shaping policy.

ACT Party with 9% – A Contender in Coalition Politics:

The ACT Party is polling at 9%, indicating that they have also made roads within the LGBTQ+ community, with their focus on free-market policies and personal freedoms resonating with a segment of the electorate. Should the election result in a hung parliament, ACT could play a pivotal role in coalition politics.

NZ First, Te Pāti Māori, and TOP:

Yes… The New Zealand First Party (NZF) is back, polling at 5%, Te Pāti Māori at 4%, and The Opportunities Party (TOP) at 1.5%. Both NZF and Te Pāti Māori could play a major part in forming the next government.

Other and Undecided Votes:

The poll results show 6% of voters leaning towards other parties not specifically mentioned in the poll, while 1.5% remain undecided.

The YOUR EX poll results for the 2023 New Zealand General Election were taken from Sunday the 1st of October till Sunday the 8th of October 2023, with the first 5,000 participants – duplicate IP addresses and multiple votes were removed to avoid duplicate results.