The renowned Soho LGBTQ+ nightclub, G-A-Y Late, is set to close its doors for good, with the venue’s final night being confirmed as the 10th of December.

The decision to close the club indefinitely was confirmed by owner Jeremy Joseph, who described the closure as deeply saddening.

In an open letter circulated on social media, Joseph cited escalating attacks on patrons and staff and the intensification of construction activities in the vicinity as primary reasons for the closure.


These factors have raised safety concerns, especially during late-night hours, with apprehensions about potential obstructions at the bar’s entrance and emergency exits.

G-A-Y Late, a fixture in London’s nightlife since the early 1990s, is known for its late operating hours, holding a license to stay open until 4am.

Joseph highlighted the club’s unique challenges, noting that being one of the area’s few late-night venues has increased risks for customers and employees. Despite repeated efforts to secure regular police patrols and support for G-A-Y Late, Joseph pointed out the lack of sufficient police presence in Westminster, emphasizing the difficulty in ensuring safety outside the venue.

He further acknowledged that crime remains a significant concern for LGBTQ+ venues, particularly for those situated in isolated areas without nearby establishments. Joseph expressed regret over the decision to close G-A-Y Late, mentioning that the stress of managing these challenges had begun to take a toll on his mental health.

However, Joseph reassured that the closure would not result in job losses, as staff members will be transitioned to new positions at G-A-Y Bar in Soho and Heaven at Charing Cross. To accommodate patrons, an approved application will extend G-A-Y Bar’s operating hours to 1am, and another application is underway to increase the capacity of Heaven.

In his statement, Joseph expressed gratitude towards the customers and staff who contributed to making G-A-Y Late one of the UK’s most successful LGBTQ+ venues. He took pride in the club’s legacy, emphasizing its enduring impact on the LGBTQ+ community.