Is there a sexier venue than Lyttelton’s Wunderbar?! With its mood lighting, retro-Berlin-inspired decor and sweeping views of Lyttelton’s stunning harbour URGE’s Papa Bear Paul Heard fell in love with the venue! He tells us what we can expect from this month’s one-of-a-kind URGE party taking over Wunderbar on Saturday 20 July.
“Wunderbar reminded me so much of Urge Bar on K Road,” Paul tells us with a warm fondness in his voice and nostalgia in his bright eyes. “It’s such an amazing venue, overlooking Lyttelton’s beautiful working port harbour. “I’m really stoked to be hosting an Urge party a bit closer to our core values again.”
Attending the venue at YOUR EX‘s Sail GP party, Paul got chatting to Wunderbar’s owner Alex who discussed the bar’s history with the community including monthly trans parties, years before other bars celebrated the trans community.
“I realised it would be the perfect venue to hold an intimate URGE night,” explains Paul. “Something closer to the days of URGE Bar. Something deeper and darker with a maximum capacity of 160 patrons!”
But will a party on the edge of Christchurch draw enough of a sexy crowd to feel like an URGE party?
Paul chuckles – “We have already sold lots of tickets to guys coming in from all over New Zealand. We have guys driving up from Dunedin and flying in from the North Island. People are really excited for this one!” He assures.
It won’t only be partiers flying in for the party. Sharing the decks with renowned Christchurch DJ, Gregor, is Wellington’s Winner Mick and Auckland Everett Wayne. Paul also promises to be flying down the legendary URGE ‘cuddle room’ for those who find the harbour’s romantic lights inspires some intimate moments!
However, Paul also warns ticket buyers – “only buy tickets from iTicket NZ.”
Paul explains that many fake second-hand tickets are being sold online and should not be trusted.
View from Wunderbar.

“Best to check with us if someone is selling tickets. Just PM us (URGE Events) and we can look them up… I assure you Belinda in Ohio did not buy 4 tickets!”

Some fake sellers are even offering paid live streams of the party. Paul insists this is fake. The best way to check out URGE’s Wunderbar party is to buy a ticket from iTicket and check out for pics of all the fun!
Photos from URGE’s previous Christchurch parties.