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Trans Rights Protest
More research has cast doubt on the research methods within the UK Cass Review, which has been used to holt gender-affirming medical care for transgender adolescents. Authored by Irish, British, Canadian and European researchers in the fields of paediatrics, developmental psychology and endocrinology; experts have cast doubts on the Cass...
In a video shared on his Truth Social platform, Donald Trump declared his intention to ban gender-affirming care for minors if he were to be re-elected as president in 2024. Trump, who used the opportunity to criticise what he termed "left-wing gender insanity" and emphasised the importance of "mothers and...
Dr Jake Kleinmahon with husband and two children
A leading Louisiana pediatric heart specialist is parting ways with the state, a decision driven by recent laws aiming to curtail rights for LGBTQ+ individuals. Dr Jake Kleinmahon, the medical director of pediatric heart transplant, heart failure, and ventricular assist device programs at the Ochsner Hospital for Children in New...

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