Putin on “the so-called issues of sex minorities.”


President Putin claims Russia is misunderstood when it comes to its treatment of LGBTI citizens. He was answering questions put to him by the media in Vienna.

When asked about the “anti-gay” law that was passed in Russia last June he said: “I would like to note that despite certain stereotypes that exist regarding Russia, including on the so-called issues of sex minorities, to a large extent this is a fictional idea.

I would like to remind you that, unlike some other states, Russia does not have criminal prosecution for homosexuality and other types unconventional sexual behaviour. We do not have criminal sanctions against this, while in other countries, including some very big ones that consider themselves democratic states, such a criminal offence is enshrined in law.


Just as the death penalty, which, as opposed to many other countries, Russia does not have and does not apply.”

And, yes it is really 2014!

 Article | Paul Rose