Homophobic Officials use Grindr to Hunt Gay Men in Egypt


Despite homosexuality being legal in Egypt, more GLBT people are being arrested or hunted down using social media apps such as grindr.

Just over a week ago two men exchanged vows in front of friends and family on the river nile. The occasion was recorded and posted on social media where the video was shared by friends, before being picked up by local press, who condemned the marriage.

The public prosecutor’s office ordered the arrest of the men in the video, the two men who were seen exchanging vows were to ordered to undergo ‘medical tests’ to determine if they were homosexual. They were released without conviction a few days later.


Police are reportedly using social media apps like grindr to set up meetings with gay men.

Karim Ahmad tells France 24, “I no longer dare to use applications to meet people. Undercover police agents use the applications to set up meetings with gays in cafes. It’s a trap.” He adds  “About a week ago, a friend of mine was arrested in this way in Cairo. I still haven’t heard from him”

Article | Tux Hika