Lick Party producer and promoter extraordinaire Natalie Zibung stops for a moment and has a quick chat with express.

How was life growing up in NZ and why, like so many Kiwis, do you choose to live in Australia?

Growing up in Auckland was fun but tough for me. In the years prior, my family moved countries often, so I never stayed in one place for long. When we finally came back to Auckland and settled, it was in my teen years and I was going through the coming out phase. My parents had just gone through a divorce so I felt it was time for my feet to find new ground and move to start an independent life elsewhere. I sold everything I had and left Auckland with a suitcase and few hundred dollars in my pocket, randomly chose Melbourne as my getaway city and the rest is history!


How old were you when you came out?Meet Your Community: Natalie Zibung

I was 17 when I came out; first to my sister. I sat her down in my room and was so nervous to tell her because I had never talked about it with anyone. Since I was in kindergarten I was always attracted to the same sex. She was really happy for me and made me a little present afterwards, then two weeks later she called me into her room and came out to me! 

How important is it for you to be involved in the Community?

People play different and crucial roles within every rainbow community and it’s important for not only me but as many people to be involved with the same passion and hindsight. What makes me strive is bringing people together, bridging the gaps and making those connections between different communities. It’s important to have different events that cater to everyone.

What was your concept for Lick parties?

After I made the move from Auckland to Melbourne, I found it hard to make friends within the community. I wanted to create a space where there would be no judgement or segregation, I wanted a space to be all-inclusive… Lick launched in December 2009, it sold out a week prior, then the numbers just started growing from there. We had to change venues when it went from 350, to 650, to 800 then finally our biggest party reached just over 1100 girls in 2011. Now we are the only entertainment company that holds dedicated events for girls within the rainbow community in all of the major cities in Australia as well as in Auckland.

Do you plan to take your parties anywhere else in NZ?

Absolutely. We have been getting regular messages from girls in Wellington and Christchurch so that is something I am working on at the moment.

 Article | Oliver Hall.