LevI Joule went along to the opening night of Legacy Project and explains why it is a must see.

After a successful first year, Legacy Project has returned to Q Theatre for the Auckland Pride and Fringe festivals. The concept is pretty straight forward. Six brand new works each exploring the modern kiwi queer experience.

First up was Act Of Submission, a short and witty piece exploring bondage and domination and the role it played in one queer relationship and the unexpected ending.


One More Day, began as a lighthearted story about a young high school boy ready to come out as gay and the consequences it will have on his not yet ready to come out lesbian best friend. the story then takes a bit of a turn and focuses on the parents discussion of their son’s sexuality. The play ended with some uncertainty, but Damien Levi puts in a stand out performance as the young gay high school student.

Negative Space, written by the talented Cole Meyers was compelling viewing and without a doubt the most thought provoking and challenging piece of the evening. Negative Spaces wins the award for the most well written and directed story of the night.

Lightening things up again was Top and Tail, a beautifully written story about two teenage boys reconciling their differing sexualities and the social consequences they face. Light hearted and jovial, the show was relatable and funny.

A Lovestory is about lost love and sad endings. A play which resonates and undoubtedly would have touched a nerve for many in the audience. (Including this reviewer)

Finishing the evening off was Queer Support, which premiered at the Pride Gala on Saturday. A satirical look at how our community creates it’s own rigid stereotypes and labels. Laugh out loud funny, yet thoughtful, this piece ensured the night ended on a very high note.

Overall, each short piece succeeded in it’s own unique way and very delicately dealt with a number of challenging issues those in our community face.

It’s hard to fault it really. The acting was at times patchy, but the witty scripts and clever direction very much made up for it. Legacy Project makes you feel proud to be part of the young GLBT community.

If there is just one thing you do this Auckland Pride, make sure you check Legacy Project out.

4.5/5 Stars

When: 10th – 14th February.

Where:  Loft, Q Theatre

Tickets: Available here

Article | Levi Joule.