Devine Drag Diva; Kita Mean

What are you getting up to this Pride month?

I am hosting Night Of The Queer with the gorgeous Lola la Bomb. It’s a beautifully curated dance, song, live music, drag, aerial and comedy show which combines the creative genius of some of Auckland’s finest artists and drag queens. You can catch a sneaky peek of the show at the Pride Gala on the 7th. I’m also going to be swanning around pop-up bar XOX in Aotea Square doing a few shows, games and general ‘campery’ throughout Pride month. Of course I will be at the LYC BGO in my new outfit designed for me by Kneel Halt and will be cavorting down Ponsonby Road on the 21st with my friends from Inspector Spot.


How did you get into drag?

I fell into it. I’ve always been theatrical and love dressing up in costumes and feeling the fantasy. One day I got into drag for a New Years Eve house party and I became a whole new camp entity. My friends loved it, so before long they were encouraging me to take it to the streets of K Rd and the rest is history.

What do you like to get up to when you’re not in a wig and heels?

To be honest, if I’m not in drag I’m either working hard at my day job or sitting at home with the flatmates dreaming up new outrageous ideas for Kita. My drag doesn’t stop when the makeup is all washed down the drain!

If you could have five GLBT people (living or dead) over for dinner who would you choose and why?

I regularly sit down to dinner with my flatmates who consist of myself, my drag daughter, my favourite lesbians and my number one tranny. I wouldn’t change that line for anything. But all that aside a dinner party with James St James, Dee Za Star, Divine, John Waters and Amanda Lepore would be so fetch!

What can’t you live without?

Drag… That and KFC.

Please complete this sentence: The world would be a better place if…

We stopped focussing on each other’s flaws and started focussing on each others strengths. Also if Unicorns were a real thing that would be pretty sweet!

Read Kita Mean’s full interview at and catch her at The Auckland Pride Gala, XOX Pride Bar, Night of the Queer and Auckland Pride Parade ( and on her Youtube channel: The Rebel Unicorn.