29th Anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform Marked


The ninth of July marks 29 years since the passage of homosexual law reform in New Zealand.

The ninth of July marks 29 years since homosexual sexual law reform passed in New Zealand. Introduced to parliament by the MP for Wellington Central, Fran Wilde, the bill passed it’s final reading 49 – 44 votes after a bitter nationwide wide debate.

The bill’s passage meant that men having consensual sex with other men would for the first time in New Zealand’s history no longer be liable to prosecution and a term of imprisonment.


To mark the occasion, PrideNZ have released a video featuring footage from the campaign.

The passage of homosexual law reform would be the first in a series of long fought GLBT victories and would be followed by the Human Rights Act 1993, Civil Unions in 2004 and the legalisation of same sex marriage in 2013.

Article | Levi Joule.