Those looking to carry on the party after being required to leave licensed venues at 4am now have a place to dance until the sun rises.

TAP Aka The After Party is a new ‘dry bar’ which will serve non alcoholic drinks between 12 – 8am. Located at 268 K road, the bar is a joint venture between Wayne Clark and Grady Elliott, both innovative pioneers of the gay bar scene in New Zealand.

The concept for TAP is simple – a place to go to carry on partying after licensed venues are forced to close their doors at 4am. “We want the party to carry on”


“There’s a void in the market, because the licensed places all close at 4am” Grady says he is optimistic of the bar’s potential to succeed saying the concept of unlicensed bars have worked well overseas and that there is consumer demand for a bar like T.A.P in Auckland.

“The feedback we’re getting from people is that they want to wind down, slow down but still dance, so we’re offering that to them.”

TAP will be an inclusive venue, which aims to attract a broad range of patrons. Grady tells express that he expects there to be a good mix of straight and gay customers. “We’re going to be the only one in Auckland, so we are expecting good mix of people”

“Instead of going home at 4am, people will now have a place to go.”

TAP will be opening on Friday July 3rd. The bar will open at midnight and stay open until 8am, with the entry during the first hour free. There will then be a $10 entry fee from 1am to 3am and a $15 fee from then until 8am.

  Article | Levi Joule.