Love the Skin You’re In!


Summer is by far the majority of peoples favourite time of the year. The heat, the beach, the sun, the lack of clothing, the flings… whew lets not get too carried away!

One thing is for sure, there is more damage done to our skin during the summer months than any other time of the year. But what can you do to look after yourself and not end up a wrinkled prune with leathered skin that would make an alligator jealous?

Firstly, hydration is vital. We all know that we need to drink water to keep our bodies functioning correctly. But what about our skin? In the hot summer sun we lose an incredible amount of moisture from our skin that many of us never replace. If you are in the sun ensure you increase your water intake, not just in quantity but regularity as well. Smaller amounts, more regularly is much better than having a heap in the morning and then nothing until later in the day.


Next looking at skin protection. It may not seem manly or macho to be slathering on the natural skin protection but it’s much better than having to have sleepless nights and skin issues because you decided not to use it. There are a number of natural skin protection products out there that don’t have the nasty chemicals in them that can do even more damage to the skin so make sure you choose one that works for your skin tone. That’s right blondie; you need more than an SPF 5!

What happens if you do get a bit too much sun? Well it’s always important to have an after sun regime as well. Aloe vera is one of those miracle little products that do so much for so little. Looking after your skin with something simple, like an after-sun gel or moisturiser, will ensure that your skin stays on your body, not flaking off in your lovers hands… Eww!

Make sure that you look after your body both inside and out. Free radical damage is one of the contributors to burnt skin so by increasing your antioxidant intake, mainly from an antioxidant like astaxanthin the likelihood of free radical damage is decreased. It’s still important to cover up and use sun protection, but should over exposure happen, best to protect from the inside out.

Speaking of covering up, it’s nice to show of the pecs, abs, bikini’s etc at the beach, or in the garden, but remember that with the suns harsh rays the more you cover up, the better protected your skin will be, and the less like that leathery shoe you will look. Loose but tightly woven cotton garments are the order of the day, preferable long sleeved for the peak sun hours of the day.

So all in all, looking after the skin you’re in is of vital importance, it might be funny for your friend to be bright pink after a day in the sun, or for you to have those white lines where there underpants/togs/bra’s etc have been but pink and red skin won’t make you laugh in the future when health problems and tough dry skin will prevail. So have a great Christmas, be safe in the sun, and see you next year for more natural health information and tips.

Top Tips for Summer Sun

1 Drink plenty of water, two litres when in the sun isn’t going to cut it
2 Cover up – it may not be as cool to be covered but your skin will thank you
3 Sun protection – natural and higher SPF
4 Stop free radical damage – start your protection on the inside

 Article | Stu Cook