Disney fans all around the world are rallying together through social media to encourage more GLBT centric storylines from Disney.

The figurehead of the rally is Queen Elsa from Disney’s epic animated adventure, Frozen. With rumour of a second Frozen instalment, social media has exploded with hashtag #giveelsaagirlfriend.

Speculation over Elsa’s sexuality has been a long standing debate and many fans argue that her story aligns closely with real life coming out stories.


Many fans also comment that by giving Elsa a girlfriend, children will learn that it is okay to be gay.

We know Disney supports the GLBT community from it’s recent Georgia boycott in response to discriminatory laws being passed in the state. But is Disney ready to take the next step and produce a LGBT centric plot line with one of the franchises most loved matriarchs?

We certainly hope that Disney will #giveelsaagirlfriend soon!

Image | Disney