Auckland Gay Bar to Support Orlando Through Drag


Family Bar and Club on Auckland’s Karangahape Road will be raising money to support the victims and families of victims of the Orlando massacre at Pulse Nightclub. On Saturday 18 June at 10pm, a benefit is to be held at the iconic venue in support and solidarity with the GLBT community in America and all around the world.

“Following the tragedy in Orlando we wish to pay our respects and send aroha to our family overseas.”

New Zealand’s drag superstars have rallied together to create a night of speeches and performances with all proceeds going to Orlando. Donation buckets will be circling the venue.


There will be speeches by Lola Blades, Medulla Oblongata and Stella Callisto as well as performances by Yuri Guaii, Candy Kane, Fatima and many more. Miss Ribena and Sarah Problem will be emceeing the evening – lifting spirits and ensuring that everyone is about to both enjoy the night and support those who have been effected by the tragedy in Orlando.

“In the face of this act of hate we are not afraid to show our love. Let’s celebrate the pride we have for all the LGBTQIA community worldwide of all race and religion. We are are all hurting but we are strongest united.”

Family Bar urges patrons to wear bright colours to celebrate our community.