Article: Star Observer

Australia is reeling over news a 13-year-old took his own life after he was allegedly bullied about his sexuality.

Brisbane year seven student Tyrone Unsworth died on Monday after he allegedly suffered years of homophobic bullying by other children.


His mother, Amanda Unsworth, told the Courier Mail, that she believes the bullying could be responsible for his suicide.

“He was a really feminine male, he loved fashion, he loved make-up and the boys always picked on him,” she said.

Tyrone’s mother and his grandmother Twiggy Jones described him as a happy-go-lucky child who always seemed happy on the outside, but was hiding his inner turmoil.

He wanted to become a vet or designer when he was older and his favourite saying was “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

“Obviously they ended up getting him,” Unsworth said.

Tyrone was hospitalised a month ago for serious injuries he suffered during a violent altercation with another student from his high school. After the attack he was too afraid to go back to school.

Social media has lit up with users expressing their sorrow about Tyrone’s death.

Perhaps the most heart wrenching social media post came from Tyrone’s grandmother.

“Now you’re at ease and peaceful, lay to rest my beautiful grandson, you be flying high with the butterflies and your fairy angels will be guarding you way up in the sky our darling little grandson,” she wrote on Facebook.

A fundraising campaign has been set up to help cover the cost of Tyrone’s funeral. You can donate here.