45 percent of trans and gender diverse students in Australia say they were sexually harassed in a university setting last year.

The figures have been revealed in a newly released Australian Human Rights Commission national report on the subject of sexual assault and harassment at Universities across the ditch.

The survey of 30,000 students across all universities also found that bisexual students were more likely than gay or lesbian identified students experience sexual assault and twice as likely as straight students.

94 percent of all students who say they had been sexually assaulted also say that they did not report the incident to their university.


Sophie Johnston, the National Student Union president Sophie Johnston told Melbourne’s Herald Sun that there is no other choice than to face this head on.

“We have failed to provide victims with the support they deserve and, in doing so, we have silenced so many individuals and denied them recognition of their trauma.

“Every single rape and sexual assault is a tragedy. Every university has an equal responsibility to tackle this.”