Councillor Allan Robinson is being urged to resign by many of his colleagues following accusations that he repeatedly referred to the openly gay Deputy Lord Mayor of the city of Newcastle as a “poof.”

Robinson, who does not deny using the term “poof” instead denies that his language is homophobic, explaining to the Newcastle Herald that it was ok for him to use the word because he has gay friends and a gay employee.

“I have no problems with poofs,” Robinson wrote in an email to a Newcastle Herald journalist when questioned on the allegations.


“I have one work for me and I’m very good friends with three poofs who I’m proud to say they are my friends,” the Councillor confirmed to the undoubtedly shocked and confused Newcastle Herald journalist.

In response to Robinson’s ignorant homophobia, Deputy Lord Mayor Declan Clausen said that if Councillor Robinson was not prepared to change his behaviour then he feels Robinson should quit public office.

“I’m proud to be the openly gay Deputy Lord Mayor of a community that had the highest ‘yes’ vote of any non-capital city in Australia,” Clausen said in a statement.

“The Newcastle I know is a welcoming and increasingly diverse community. The fact Councillor Robinson’s fellow independent group councillors don’t call him out on his relentless sexism and homophobic bullying is appalling. Such behaviour would simply not be tolerated in any other workplace. If he cannot change his behaviour, Robinson should resign.”

The Deputy Lord Mayor added, “Robinson does not represent Newcastle. Novocastrians expect much better.”