ATEED will not be funding Rainbow Pride Auckland’s proposed parade next year.

Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) will not be funding Rainbow Pride Auckland’s proposed pride parade next year.

ATEED has confirmed to express that due to the inability to find a suitable parade route, the council organisation would not be providing parade funding to Rainbow Pride Auckland.


Rainbow Pride Auckland was established earlier this year to bring back a pride parade after Auckland Pride were forced to pull the plug on the 2019 event as community groups and corporations boycotted it over their ban on uniformed police from participating.

However, the prospect of bringing back a full-scale pride parade for 2020 appears to now be very unlikely.

Speaking to express, ATEED’s Steve Armitage, General Manager Destination confirms that Rainbow Pride Auckland will not receive ATEED funding as a result of not being able to find a parade route.

Explaining the decision, Armitage says “ATEED’s proposed investment into the Auckland Rainbow Pride Parade was conditional on the event organisers meeting certain criteria aligned with the guidelines in Auckland’s Major Events Strategy.”

“The organisers have been unable to find a route that would allow them to deliver an event of the scale they’d originally proposed. The revised scale of the event means it no longer meets the criteria for funding.”

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