Television host, Mark Richardson has apologised for unintentionally outing colleague Ryan Bridge on live television during The AM Show.

The public outing occurred while the hosts where discussing collector items on this morning’s (Thursday the 24th of October 2019) broadcast of the Three show.

During the casual discussion, Bridge was asked what items/things if any he collected, prompting Richardson to blurt out, “ex-boyfriends.”


Following a period of obvious awkwardness and a pause Bridge replied “Yes, it’s true, I’m gay. There we go, it’s out there.”

Later in the show, an embarrassed and obviously remorseful Richardson apologised on-air to his colleague, saying “In three years of doing this job, this is as bad as I’ve ever felt. I say a lot of stuff on this show, and I mean it, and some of it walks the line. I just want to say I’m sorry.”

“It’s because obviously I love you so much as a person. Just me being a smartass and trying to poke fun at you for a comedic moment on the show has led to this, and I’m dreadfully sorry.” 

To which Bridge replied that there was “nothing to be sorry about.”

“I wanted to say that Mark didn’t do this on purpose. It wasn’t like he was being mean, it was an innocent, honest mistake,” Bridge added. 

“If you caught what was said before, it’s not something I’ve tried to hide, it’s something my friends and family have known about for a very long time. The reason I haven’t chosen to share it with you at home, with listeners on my radio show is just that, I don’t know, it’s just not that interesting, is it?” 

“It’s just my private business and my life and not something I’ve really bothered or care to share with the world, but it’s out there, so that is that.” 

“These things happen. It’s live television.”

Bridge also thanked viewers of the show who had been sending him messages of support following the outing.