David Seymour will host the group who have labelled as a TERF (Transgender exclusionary radical feminist) organisation.

After being banned from using Massey University’s Wellington campus, gender-critical group Speak Up for Women will hold their Feminism 2020 event at in the Parliamentary banquet hall.

They will be hosted by ACT party leader David Seymour.


The Epsom MP says he agreed to host the event at Parliament following the Massey cancellation because he was believed Speak Up For Women, “has a right to conduct what is a legitimate debate without being subject to intimidation.”

These issues include gender self-identification and the participation of transgender people in sports competitions.

The conference which is being marketed as “the feminists they don’t want you to hear, uncensored” will take place tonight.  

Speak Up for Women are most well known for being successful in their lobbying efforts in stopping the Government’s proposed gender self-identification laws earlier this year, which the group claimed was harmful to the rights of women and girls.

The controversial group were banned from using Massey University facilities to host the event after a campaign led by students at the Wellington campus.

Talking The Spinoff, trans author Caitlin Spice said she believed the event had been deliberately timed to coincide with Trans Awareness Week and that using a parliamentary building to host the event sets a dangerous precedent.

“I think other groups who also have fringe or extremist views will want to use that venue as well to give them the same air of legitimacy – they’ve opened a real Pandora’s Box that could have serious repercussions for everyone.”