Out & About | The World Premiere of Rūrangi

26 July 2020

Groundbreaking web-series Rūrangi debuted at the New Zealand International Film Festival. The story of a trans-guy who returns to his remote rural New Zealand hometown after his urban life has been turned upside down is a thought-provoking look at modern Aotearoa through a trans lens.

10 of the 24 cast-members identify as gender-diverse and all transgender characters have been performed by trans actors.


Writer/Producer Cole Myers says, “Productions like Rūrangi provide a platform for trans people to see themselves in narrative and in pop culture, but also represents and validates trans people as respected and talented human beings to the general public. It’s a lot harder to hate and hurt people you fully see!” Stay tuned to rurangi.com for details about how to watch!

ASB Waterfront Theatre, 138 Halsey St, Auckland.

Photos | Stanley Thomas