While completing her Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Canterbury, Emma Drummond has found the time to volunteer on the Christchurch Pride Committee and chair Young Labour Christchurch. Little Miss Cinnamon finds out more about what fuel’s this 22-year-old’s fire.

 What started your passion for politics? 

Politics has been a lifelong passion of mine. When I was growing up, my parents were very active in the Nelson branch of the New Zealand Labour Party so as a kid, I often attended local party events. From my family, I learned to place great value on the fight for greater equality and justice.


What issues do you think the LGBTQIA+ community should keep in mind when deciding who to vote for this year? 

LBGTQIA+ people should consider a whole range of issues when casting their vote this year, same as everyone. However, there are a few key queer issues that will likely be affected by who is elected to the government; for example, the availability of gender-affirming procedures or the extent of gender/sexuality education in schools.

Do you think the youth of today are more politically aware, if so why? 

Yes, I think youth today are more politically aware. I think the reason for this is because politics has been quite tumultuous in our lifetimes. We’ve faced the Global Financial Crisis, Corona Virus, growing political extremism, and severe weather events caused by man-made climate change. I think youth today are waking up to the importance of political decisions made now.

What do you say to those who aren’t registered or interested in voting?

I say to anyone and everyone: vote! Voting is one of the most important, powerful actions you can take to shape the society in which you live.

Politically as a nation what do you think NZ can be proud of? 

NZ can be proud of so much politically, although we’re not perfect. NZers have shown great solidarity in recent years, for example in our mosque attacks and coronavirus responses.

What is one issue you would like the government, current or otherwise, like to address?  

The huge racial disparities still evident in NZ society.

Describe NZ politics in one word? 


Photo | (left to right) Mark McLennan, Alex Saimoa, Emma Drummond and friend.