Taylor Swift has once again shown generosity and surprised one of her biggest fans with a letter congratulating him on finishing his PhD.

Tay Tay does have a habit of surprising her fans with gifts of generosity in the past, even last week she donated £23,000 to a student through her GoFundMe account to ensure she could go and study at University without worrying about the fees.

This time, the singer who’s latest album Folklore has been at number one for five weeks already, contacted one of her biggest fans by mail.


Andrew Mooney, an Irish student about to graduate, was indeed surprised to receive a letter from the singer intended for him.

“Andy, someone told me you were going to finish your doctorate,” Tay Tay wrote in a personally written note.

“I wanted to congratulate you on this incredible accomplishment and applaud you for all the hard work you put into your studies.

“I saw how much you have supported my music over the years and it touched me.

“Thank you very much. I am also very proud of the courage you have shown in your personal life, having chosen to live and love sincerely even when it is not easy.

“I hope you’re doing well in and amongst the chaos we’re all living through right now.

“In these times, I think it’s important to revel in the great moments when we can, and this is a moment worth celebrating! Sending you my love and best wishes, Taylor.”

Sharing the handwritten note on social media, Andrew wrote: ‘Thank you @taylorswift for taking the time to write such a beautiful message.

As well as the note, Taylor’s amazing gift contained a cardigan like the one she wore in the music video for Cardigan from her Folklore album, which she also gifted to her celebrity pals upon release.

She also gifted him pretty much every item in her merch collection, from T-shirts to water bottles, and a signed vinyl record of her new album too.

Taylor Swift goodies
Gift of goodies from Tay Tay (Instagram)