In Case You Missed It: Gaga and Grande Perform ‘Rain On Me’ At The First Virtual MTV Video Music Awards

Rain On Me

For the first time, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande have performed their hit duet Rain On Me, during the first fully-virtual MTV Video Music Awards.

Donning face coverings, Gaga and Grande delivered the performance live together for the first time with a performance that’s being described as iconic. 

The performance starts off Showing Gaga, snug in a Chromatica throw blanket and wearing a COVID appropriate LED face mask, staring at an old-school television watching a 1999 performance by Britney Spears and N*Sync.


Before the Britney performance can begin, Gaga throws off the blanket before sliding down a pole into a room of mannequins before a dancer reveals she’s on the VMA stage in New York City.

Launching into “911” Gaga soon leaps into “Rain On Me” and Grande appears on the stage, wearing a black silk mask.

Watch the full performance on express below: