Renowned for their presence on the road, quality build and luxury interior, Range Rover has long been considered the King of SUVs. express takes a look at how the newest and most compact member of the Range Rover family fits in, putting the new Evoque through its passes across Auckland’s urban jungle.

First Impressions:

Our first impressions of the Evoque are exactly what you expect from the brand that won “the most beautiful car on the planet” at the 2018 World Car Awards. The Evoque is extremely attractive. 

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Photos | Josh Hilliam.

The well-proportioned curvy design coupled with its lower and wider stance gives a sleeker, more masculine look than other smaller SUVs on the market. Clearly larger Range Rover models have influenced this compact design.

The Evoque’s well-proportioned exterior is coupled with a clean and minimalistic interior that oozes quality. With a gorgeous panoramic glass roof that seamlessly opens upon entry, two minimalistic touch screens for the fast and slick infotainment system, a fully digital and interchangeable drivers display and more leather than an S&M party – the Evoque gives you a sense of space and comfort that you wouldn’t expect in the smaller SUV category.

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While the Evoque may look like it’s all about style, this little SUV certainly changes its stripes the moment you put your foot on the gas pedal. Almost like it was designed with Auckland City in mind the engine gives off instant power from the get-go, meaning overtaking and weaving in and out of lanes is a breeze – especially with its more compact size and a lower centre of gravity, ideal for an urban environment.

Along with being fitted with all the mod-cons, you would expect, think a rearview camera displayed via your rearview mirror, blind-spot monitoring, and a 360 camera, the Evoque has a few other tricks up its sleeve to make your urban jungle more tameable. These include adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and a super handy feature that detects oncoming vehicles when you’re reversing out of your car spot. Parallel parking is also a huge standout, making even the worst drivers (like our editor) look like a pro thanks to the incredible turning circle and higher visibility.

Putting it to the Test:

It’s Labour Weekend. The Auckland roads are quiet, and our picturesque out of town spots are heaving. So with some South Island friends in town and sexiest little SUV to cruise around in for the weekend – we decide to show them all the diversity the city of sails has to offer.

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Photos | Josh Hilliam.

Fresh from picking them up from the airport, a journey enhanced by the new Range Rover Evoque Meridian Sound system (the deep bass ensures Cardi B’s WAP packs a real thump); our friends decide K Road is calling!

It’s a breeze to squeeze into one of Day Street’s little parallel parks, and we’ve off to Madame George for a cocktail and some Peruvian chicken.

The sun is glistening on the water the next morning we feel like stretching our legs, so we take the Evoque over the harbour bridge and up to Long Bay Beach to do the cliff top walk. In the crowded field car park, the new Evoque stands out as the most handsome kid on the block. Beyond Long Bay lies the picturesque coves of Granny’s Bay and Pohutakawa Bay with its clothing-optional beach where a large pod of dolphins have decided to swim. “Why would you ever leave town?” Our guest asks!

Following our long walk, the Evoque state of the art A/C quickly cools us down as summer tunes like Savage Love and In The Air, fill the car whether seated front or back the ride is smooth and super comfortable.

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Photos | Josh Hilliam.

After a freshen up, we decide on Mission Bay for dinner on this balmy night. Close your eyes, and it could be the Gold Coast. When we pull up on the shore-lined strip, our friends freak out when they see the Evoque. “I need one,” one couple cries as they admire the Winsor leather seats. The heads of passers-by are turning, and it is clear the Range Rover brand possesses some pulling power!

The next day involves a late start due to the obligatory trip to Family Bar, G.A.Y and Eagle the previous evening. The plan is to take the Evoque West, checking out some of Kumeu’s best vineyards, dinner at Hallertau Brewery and sunset at Muriwai Beach. Evoque is the perfect vessel for us to sail with the boot providing plenty of space for all the bottles we buy and the superior handling guiding us through those windy Muriwai roads.

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Photos | Josh Hilliam.

The New Range Rover Evoque is a new breed of SUV that will raise your expectations. Coupling head-turning design, great performance, luxury finishes – it has all the pros of an urban SUV without the cons.

The perfect purchase for anyone looking to make a statement.

For more information, visit or take a test drive at your local dealer today.