The entertainer entered their plea on the eve of prominent businessman’s trial.

A prominent New Zealand entertainer pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice in the Auckland High Court this afternoon.

The NZ Herald reports that the entertainer who cannot be named, admitted to two charges of attempting to dissuade and bribe an indecent assault complainant from giving evidence against a prominent Auckland businessman who is about to go on trial for indecent assault.


The entertainer had previously denied the charges, which involved him offering cheques and future work opportunities in exchange for the complainant dropping their claims that the businessman had assaulted them. 

Justice Geoffrey Venning convicted and remanded the entertainer on bail until his sentencing late next month when it is expected name suppression will be lifted.

The entertainer was due to stand trial alongside the wealthy businessman and his manager in the High Court on Monday.

That trial will still go ahead and is expected to run several weeks and will be the second time the case has been heard in court, with the first trial taking place in 2019 having to be aborted for reasons not made public due to the suppression orders in place protecting the identities of those charged.