Arguably one of the most iconic and desired vehicles in the world, The Range Rover Sport is considered by many as the king of the road – express takes the right-royal four-wheel-drive out to see if it measures up to expectations.

To me the Range Rover Sport has always been a head-turner, seeing them on the road has always left me weak at the knees in awe and intrigue. Bigger than the refined Velar and compact Evoque, yet smaller than the handsomely masculine Vogue. The Range Rover Sport always seemed to be my ideal Range Rover (as some bears I know would say, “not too big, not too small, but just right. Grrr!”).


While the Sport is not the biggest, the size queens among us certainly won’t be left hungry for more. Make no mistake the Sport is the jock of the Range Rover family. Muscular and perfectly proportioned, it’s designed to command attention wherever you take it, thanks to that distinctive Range Rover silhouette, rearward sloping roof and continuous waistline that
enhances the clean and streamlined exterior.


But it’s not just surface-level beauty. A rapid V6 turbo diesel engine ensures the Range Rover Sport lives up to its athletic name, giving an instant boost of power without any lag or hesitation. That turbo thrust is matched with the exceptional grip and steering you expect from the most dynamic SUV on the market.

Inside, the styling on the Range Rover Sport is truly a symphony fit for a performance by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. With a clean, modern design enhanced by Ambient Interior Lighting and the Touch Pro Duo in-car infotainment system.

Simply put, the Range Rover Sport is sex on wheels. With its firm round rear and giant wheels, the proportions leave no doubt in your mind that this SUV can work some serious moves, including the ability to rise or fall – thanks to Automatic Access Height – enabled through electronic air suspension, which allows occupants to more easily enter and alight by lowering the vehicle by 50mm.


So, the Range Rover Sport is ready for business during the day and eager to get loose for a night on K-Road. And if you’re into leather then Range Rover Sport is for you! There is so much, you can almost smell it before you open the door.

The seats are also a huge stand out with the airline-style armrests, super-plush yet supportive bolstering and a headrest that feels better than one of Suzanne Paul’s famous bamboo pillows – your buttocks will not be at risk of taking a pounding on a long drive. Weekend road trips could not be better catered for with five seats for you and your friends plus 780 litres of storage capacity.

Around town, the Range Rover Sport feels nimble, rapid, and ready to take on your next adventure. Packed with all the gadgets you need and some extra ones that are just fun, you soon forget you are in a 3.5 tonne SUV. Much like the Land Rover Defender, that we test drove earlier in the year, the Range Rover Sport feels a lot smaller than it is when you’re behind the wheel.


Its Adaptive Dynamics system monitors the movements of the vehicle 500 times a second, responding to your inputs and the road conditions to ensure a comfortable, safe drive.

The new, wrap-around pixel-laser LED headlights provide the ultimate headlight option, with laser technology delivering five times higher luminance than standard LED lights. Signature Daytime Running Lights become operational above 80km/h and when no other external lights are detected, producing clear sight for half a kilometre.

It’s all part of the Range Rover Sport’s perfect balance, which gives you the confidence of knowing you’re one of the biggest on the road, with breath-taking performance, AWD (thanks to its Land Rover DNA), but can still parallel park or do a U-turn with ease.

The Range Rover Sport is priced from $134,900. Contact your local Land Rover dealership today to book a test drive.