We’ve managed to get hold of one of Graham’s exclusive cocktail recipes so, on Saturday 12 June, you can celebrate World Gin Day in style with Graham Norton’s Own Gin range, produced in collaboration with the team at Invivo! 

There are two gins in Graham Norton’s Own Gin range – one pink and one Irish - and both are distilled in West Cork, Ireland, not far from Graham’s home. When the weather is right and the flowers are blooming, local ingredients are foraged to round out the blend of 12 botanicals that gives Graham’s Irish GiN its London Dry style, as distinctive as the man himself! Graham’s Own Pink GiN boasts an additional two botanicals - roses and cranberries - to give it its final blush and subtle pink hue.  

Picture. John Allen

“It all started in London in July at one of our blending sessions a couple of years back,” Invivo co-founder Tim Lightbourne tells express. “We were working with Graham blending our new vintages of wines, then at the end of the long session, someone suggested a celebratory round of martinis. It was during those drinks that Graham suggested creating a couple of gins to his range - and the plan was born!”  


Drink pink

One of Graham’s favourite ways to kick back and enjoy his pink gin is in his signature ‘Pinksecco‘ cocktail that also features his award-winning Prosecco.   

Graham Norton’s Pinksecco 

50ml Graham Norton’s Pink GiN

50ml Soda water or lemonade 

25ml Graham Norton’s award-winning Prosecco 

A handful of your favourite seasonal berries



Fill a large glass with ice, add the GN Pink GiN and the soda water/lemonade then top up with the Prosecco and garnish with the berries. Enjoy!  

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