A trans rights advocate has infiltrated the ‘Let Women Speak’ rally led by Posie Parker in Birmingham, UK, to voice support for trans rights amidst the gathering.

According to PinkNews, the man managed to gain access to the event by pretending to be a de-transitioner opposed to transgender rights. With the event organisers being unaware of his true intentions, they were eager for him to speak at the rally.

In a video livestream of the event held on May 14, the activist addressed individuals who had de-transitioned, passionately stating, “You are cherished within this community. There is a place for you here. Please, refrain from subscribing to this destructive cult.”


“We won’t be suppressed. Regardless of my clothing, I am a trans man through and through– and all of you are entrenched in trans-exclusionary radical feminism (TERF),” He continued.

Attempting to dismantle the microphone, the activist was soon approached by Parker, who forcibly retrieved the mic.

“Release it now,” Parker yelled, as she reclaimed the microphone.

Speaking with PinkNews after the event, the activist recounted the physical altercation, saying, “The group attacked my hands and arms, leaving me with minor cuts from their forceful actions.”

“I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Nail Patella Syndrome, which is why I use a crutch. My joints often dislocate when under pressure. My right hand is still in significant pain, and I’ve had difficulty using it since the incident.”

“I knew there was a risk of injury in trying to dismantle the microphone, but I took the gamble.”

Reflecting on his motives, the activist stated, “With de-transitioners frequently targeted with fear, deceit, and hatred, I felt it was essential to emphasize that they are indeed welcome.”

“We aim to support them, but succumbing to a movement like TERF is a surefire path to deep self-loathing and hatred.”