National MP Tim van de Molen has been found in contempt of Parliament and stripped of all portfolios after making inappropriate and aggressive actions towards Northcote MP Shanan Halbert.

The incident in question occurred after a meeting of the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee on June 29. An altercation arose when van de Molen confronted Halbert over concerns about the number of questions he was being allotted. Witnesses reported van de Molen standing over Halbert in a menacing manner.

Such was the situation’s intensity that several MPs felt compelled to gather around Halbert, fearing for his safety.


In pursuit of a resolution, Halbert made efforts to address the incident directly with van de Molen and later through the National Party whips. Unfortunately, the National Party did not recognise the gravity of the situation at the time, even though parliamentary staff present during the incident felt so threatened that they contemplated calling security.

Speaker Adrian Rurawhe felt compelled to take action, forwarding the complaint to the Privileges Committee. The committee’s bipartisan membership, which included representatives from Labour, National, and the Green Party, unanimously deemed van de Molen’s behaviour as contemptuous of the House.

In their statement, the committee emphasised the gravity of threatening another MP based on their role and conduct within Parliament and recommended censuring van de Molen for his actions. Furthermore, an independent review of the event indicated that while there was no physical violence, van de Molen’s behaviour was hostile, unprofessional, and overtly threatening.

Van de Molen has since publicly apologised to Halbert in the House during a subsequent Question Time.

Following the apology, National Party leader Christopher Luxon has since stripped the MP of his responsibilities as spokesman for Building and Construction, Defence and Veterans, and ACC.

While acknowledging van de Molen’s personal challenges in the past year, Luxon added that personal difficulties do not excuse poor behaviour.

Speaking with YOUR EX, Halbert says he has accepted Tim’s apology and wanted to thank his supporters during this time.

“Thank you to those who have been in touch with words of support following the Privileges Committee’s report this afternoon.”

“I have accepted Tim’s apology and hope that he has the support available to him that he may need.”

“Parliament is a place where everyone should feel safe, and I am grateful to the committee for treating this matter so seriously.”