The UK government has been met with widespread condemnation following reports that they plan to abandon the previously proposed ban on conversion therapy.

Initially promised by former Prime Minister Theresa May five years ago, the commitment appears to be waning, with critics claiming a lack of effectiveness of similar bans in other nations.

It is now reported that the UK Government is considering “draft guidance,” emphasising current laws that, in their view, already criminalise various aspects of conversion therapy.


Shadow women and equalities minister Anneliese Dodds described the decision as a “betrayal” and lambasted the Conservative Party for their prolonged inaction on the matter. She stated, “Dropping the ban on so-called conversion therapy is a glaring broken promise and a stark betrayal of those vulnerable to these damaging practices.”

Furthermore, Dodds pledged that the Labour Party would implement a total ban on conversion therapy if they came into power, saying it would provide “hope for the future” for the LGBTQ+ community.

Several other Labour MPs, including Nadia Whittome and Kate Osborne, voiced their dissatisfaction. Osborne went on to declare that the decision underscored the government’s apathy towards the LGBTQ+ community and called for a comprehensive ban without exceptions or loopholes.

While the government remains silent on the future of the legislation, a spokesperson did comment, highlighting that they are “carefully considering this very complex issue” and recognising conversion therapy as “abhorrent.”

Campaigners and activists who have long championed the abolition of the practice have expressed deep disappointment. Jayne Ozanne, a leading advocate in the fight against conversion therapy, remarked that this decision might mark the government as “the most anti-LGBT government in a generation.”