PornHub’s 10th Year in Review report has just been released, offering intriguing insights into global porn-watching trends. The 2023 report highlights the rising popularity of specific genres and preferences among different demographics.

The report reveals that “mature” and “MILF” categories continue to dominate global preferences alongside technology-driven fantasies such as “AI robot” porn. However, one of the more surprising findings is the shift in tastes among older viewers. Boomers, those aged 55 and above, are increasingly exploring transgender porn, showing a 58% higher interest compared to younger viewers.

Within the LGBTQ+ community, specific terms have seen significant popularity on PornHubGay. “Twink” remains the most searched term, closely followed by “anime.” The term “curious straight friends” has also seen a notable rise, jumping 27 points since last year. Another trend is the high ranking of “furry” content, reflecting its substantial overlap with the LGBTQ+ community.


pornhub-insights 2023

In a more nuanced breakdown, the report looks at popular search terms by U.S. state, uncovering some unique preferences. “Goth,” “cartoon porn,” and “Mormon” emerged as top searches in various states. For instance, “Mormon” is highly searched in Utah, known for its significant Mormon population, while “Vegas” is a trending term in Nevada.

Other state-specific trends include “nudist” in Oregon, known for its liberal stance and nude beaches, and “Turkish” in New Jersey, home to the largest Turkish-American community in the country. More niche categories like “body swap” in New York, “tickling” in Minnesota, and “bubble butt” in North Carolina also feature in the report’s findings.

In New Zealand, Lesbian, Milf, and Maori all featured strongly in stats – Kiwis were also 797% more likely to search for “swimsuit”, +561% more into “wake up morning sex”, and 523% more into “yoga pants”.

When breaking stats down into regions, it showed a significant increase in searches for queer content, especially in Canterbury – which had an 80% increase in “gay – muscle” and a 53% increase in “gay – compilation”. “gay twink” also saw a 103% increase in Taranaki, “gay bear” had a 139% increase in Southand, and “trans male” was searched 279% more in Nelson.


The most popular gay categories in Aotearoa included uncut and Euro videos.