Gisbourne’s Rainbow Crossing was vandalised last night and painted over with white paint by a Destiny Church-affiliated group protesting Drag Queen Story Time taking place at a local library.

Reporting from the scene, one Facebook user wrote “Today Leighton and Ernest Packer and some of their Tu Tangata and ManUp gang closed the street in Gisborne and vandalised the rainbow pedestrian crossing by pouring white paint on it and covering the rainbow painted crossing.”

The user referred to a Facebook Live video shared by Destiny’s own self-appointed Bishop, Brian Tamaki.

“This video of Leighton Packer verbally challenging the Mayor of Gisborne and the council resembles her bigoted, transphobic boss Brian Tamaki. Packer makes many false statements about the Rainbow Storytime drag queens.
“What gives these vandals the right to cause offence and stress by carrying out this unlawful violent action? They have also cost the ratepayers of Gisborne money by their transphobic and vile actions – ratepayers are the losers due to their deliberate act of vandalism.
“Leighton Packer stood for Gisborne Council at the last elections – she managed to get 141 votes. She also stood for Hannah Tamaki’s Vision party – and failed to win the East Coast seat.”

Footage of the incident can be seen here: