Ahead of tonight’s (all ages) FriYAY and (R18) FriGAY Drinks at Riverside, Christchurch Pride opened with its annual Walk of Support. Scroll down for pics.



Meeting at the corner of Columbo and Cashel Street, the Walk of Support heading down to the Bridge of Remembrance.

Uniformed Police were welcomed to walk, unlike similar marches in Auckland and Wellington.

Community groups, political parties and the rainbow networks of corporates all joined the Walk of Support.

The walk concluded at Christchurch’s Bridge of Remembrance, where speeches were given.

At one powerful moment, the entire gathering turned to face a small group of three protestors who were quickly drowned out despite using a loud speaker and amplifier.

Hundreds will again be expected to attend tonight’s FriGAY Drinks opening party at Riverside Market’s Castro Bar from 9pm.