In the music world, where stars come and go, only a select few shine bright enough to become legends. Gladys Knight, the Empress of Soul, is one such luminary, and her upcoming Farewell Tour promises to be a beacon for soul music enthusiasts across Aotearoa.

Presented by MG Live, Arena Touring, and Frontier Touring, Knight’s tour is a culmination of a career that has not only spanned decades but also crossed genres, from pop and gospel to R&B and adult contemporary.

The tour, set for March and April 2024, is not just any series of performances. It marks the highly anticipated return of Knight to these shores, a testament to her enduring appeal and the deep connection she shares with her audience. “I’m so grateful to be visiting these beautiful places again and to be able to share my music with the fans who are so hospitable and embrace us with open arms,” Knight shares, her excitement palpable. Her words are not just pleasantries; they reflect a genuine appreciation for the spirit and soul that Australian and New Zealand audiences bring to her performances.


This Farewell Tour is more than a concert series; it’s a journey through the musical heritage that Knight has been a pivotal part of. Attendees can expect a career-spanning setlist, including hits like ‘Licence To Kill’, ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’, ‘I Don’t Want To Know’, ‘Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me’, and ‘That’s What Friends Are For’. Each song not only showcases Knight’s vocal prowess but also encapsulates moments in music history.

The tour kicks off in Perth and will see Knight gracing stages in Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney before culminating in two unforgettable shows in New Zealand – Wellington on Tuesday, 2nd April, and Auckland on Thursday, 4th April. This schedule underscores the widespread appeal of Knight’s music, her talent transcending geographic and cultural boundaries.


Knight’s career is a narrative of success, innovation, and resilience. From her early days performing gospel music at church to the dizzying heights of fame with Gladys Knight & The Pips, she has been a constant in the evolving music landscape. Her ability to triumph across film, television, and live performance further cements her status as one of the greatest ever to grace the stage.

The Farewell Tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness this legend of soul music live, with fans gearing up for what promises to be an unforgettable experience. Knight’s love for the stage and her audience is undiminished, and as she prepares to share her heart and soul one last time, the anticipation among fans is palpable.

For those who have followed her career, this tour is a chance to celebrate the music that has soundtrack their lives. For newcomers, it’s an opportunity to experience the magic of Gladys Knight in person. As the dates draw closer, the Empress of Soul is ready to embark on this final journey with her fans in Australia and New Zealand, promising nights filled with soul, heart, and the timeless music of a true legend.